Advanced Referral & Triage

Right patient, right place, right time

ART – or Advanced Referral & Triage, provides a streamlined solution to referral facilitation. By connecting key systems in the referral journey and enabling a combination of managed and automated workflow ART enables customers to deliver referral support at a lower cost.

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ART simplifies the referral process and enables referral services to focus their attention on the areas of highest importance: engaging with patients, offering choice and making clinical decisions.


Why we think this is important:

Pressure on the NHS continues to rise and so too does the emphasis on managing patient referrals more effectively. 

For organisations managing referrals there are a range of requirements to fulfil:

  • Provide an effective patient-centric service
  • Ensure the smooth and efficient transfer of referrals
  • Screen referrals to ensure they are both complete and clinically appropriate
  • Consistently apply the latest commissioning policy
  • Redirect referrals away from secondary care where it is both clinically acceptable and cost effective
  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders including patients and GPs
  • Ensure processes are IG compliant
  • And above all ensure that patient safety is never jeopardised 

The challenge for referral support services is to satisfy these requirements, and more, while delivering a service that represents value for money. No simple feat.

At psHEALTH we believe success relies on services focussing on the areas of highest value. To do this services need to find a way to quickly identify referral need and appropriateness, eliminate time-consuming tasks and deploy staff where they are most valuable.

ART achieves just this by utilising the following features:

  • Intelligent referral capture collects referrals through e-RS, email and e-fax. Referrals are automatically and quickly imported into ART. Where APIs are available ART utilises them, where they are not we deploy RPA to achieve the same outcome.
  • Referral validation checks that the referral is ‘complete’ and patient information correct, including Patient Demographic Search (PDS) and the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to review templates or unstructured text.
  • Triage rules detect key referral information including priority, speciality and reason and then directs a referral along the appropriate workflow e.g. routine MSK referral is directed straight to booking.
  • Referral outcome once the referral has passed through the appropriate stages in ART the outcome is automatically recorded in a downstream system, including e-RS and a number of clinical systems.
  • Improved data collection and business intelligence all information collected during the referral process is recorded and passed to ART’s accompanying BI tool. Service managers have real-time oversight of referral levels and can dive down into the level of granularity they require.

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“Our mission is to transform society and the lives of disabled people. Recently we were awarded an exciting contract to help the Care Quality Commission (CQC) improve healthcare. Once again we were able to rely on our technology partner, psHEALTH, to deliver an excellent solution when we needed it. The new solution helps Remploy and our network partners deliver a better service.”

Lenka Sherry-Sole –  IS Business Manager, Remploy