Advanced Referral & Triage

Right patient, right place, right time

ART – or Advanced Referral & Triage, provides a streamlined solution to referral facilitation. By connecting key systems in the referral journey and enabling a combination of managed and automated workflow ART enables customers to deliver referral support at a lower cost.

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ART simplifies the referral process and enables referral services to focus their attention on the areas of highest importance: engaging with patients, offering choice and making clinical decisions.


Reduce cost, eliminate waste

  • No more manual transfer of data and documents between systems
  • Virtually eliminate admin time per referral (we have achieved over 95% Automation Success Rate!)
  • Reduce time & cost of clinical triage
  • Data and reports generated automatically

Process referrals faster & safer

  • Reduce end-to-end processing time by over 50%
  • Minimise human error, full audit trail
  • Amazing real-time reporting puts you in control and helps you demonstrate value

Improve patient care

  • Re-deploy administrative and clinical staff to focus on more valuable patient interactions
  • Ensure consistent implementation of commissioning policies and clinical guidelines
  • Provide referrers and other stakeholders with valuable data and feedback for continuous improvement

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““We enable people to receive the right care at the right time. As an innovator in the NHS our aim is to deliver higher quality and better outcomes at lower cost. By working with psHEALTH we have automated a number of steps within the referral management process.””

Zoe Nicholson –  CEO, Brighton & Hove Integrated Care Service