Advanced Referral & Triage

Right person, right place, first time

How do you rein in the seemingly ‘unstoppable’ growth in secondary care referrals; ensure referrals are made according to agreed policies and to the most appropriate secondary care provider? How do you collect the data commissioners need to control current spend and forecast future demand?

The answer? Advanced Referral & Triage – ART.


ART comprises four core components:

ART Integrates: We understand that integration is a continual struggle in the NHS. That is why we’ve developed ART with integration at the forefront of our thinking. This includes integration with e-RS, GP systems, and a number of PAS systems.

ART Automates:  It has long been our ambition to eradicate tedious and repetitive tasks that overburden referral services. ART achieves this through intelligent automation. ART automatically imports and validates referrals, and assigns them to an appropriate work-list. This ensures that staff can use their time where it matters most – making clinical decisions and speaking with patients.

ART delivers smart workflow: ART’s intuitive design makes it easy for users to navigate around the system, minimising the number of clicks required to complete a task. Users are presented with a simple overview of referral activity, outlining referrals by stage and indicating whether they’re in line with internal KPIs. This drives efficiency.

ART delivers real-time reporting: The data and analysis delivered by ART enables users to understand and manage demand, understand referral behaviour and document the effectiveness of new pathways. All at the click of a button.

The outcome?

Reduced cost: No more manual processes & referrals sent to the most appropriate service. 

Improved patient safety and experience: Getting the patient the right care, in the right setting, first time.

Empowered commissioning: Real-time metrics and reports, ensure improvement and refinement of care pathways and local commissioning advice based on evidence.

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“Our mission is to transform society and the lives of disabled people. Recently we were awarded an exciting contract to help the Care Quality Commission (CQC) improve healthcare. Once again we were able to rely on our technology partner, psHEALTH, to deliver an excellent solution when we needed it. The new solution helps Remploy and our network partners deliver a better service.”

Lenka Sherry-Sole –  IS Business Manager, Remploy