Care Coordination & Case Management

Better care coordination with PRM

How do you better coordinate patient care to reduce hospital admissions, ensure compliance with your specified local pathways and guarantee that all relevant information is available to multiple stakeholders?  In addition, how do you collect data to drive service improvements and document success for stakeholders such as CCGs and GPs?

Care of the frail and elderly is often the most expensive and least effective.  Ingredients for success are an integrated, patient-centric approach inspired by ‘know your customer’, rigorous process mapping, data collection and interpretation.  We call it Patient Relationship Management or PRM.CareCoordination Print cm10

With our PRM solution you can oversee the entire patient journey; from referral to booking, assessment, and pathway management and finally outcome tracking.  Our solution can communicate with other systems and is built to help your staff work more efficiently and effectively; referral data can be automatically imported so no re-keying is necessary and care planning is semi-automated.  Staff are able to work flexibly from virtual or physical hubs, vastly improving the experience for staff, patients and other stakeholders.

Who should consider Patient-Relationship Management?
• Prime Contractors and Accountable Care Organisations
• Any Qualified Providers (AQPs)
• Providers of outcome-based services

What are the key benefits?
• ‘Know your patient’ leading to better, safer patient care and patient experience
Improve productivity of care teams by 20% to 40%: lower staff cost or manage more patients with same staff level
• Better document and improve clinical outcomes
Reduce training needs as the system provides the pathway rules and decision support

Contact Josh Murray for a demonstration

“Our mission is to transform society and the lives of disabled people. Recently we were awarded an exciting contract to help the Care Quality Commission (CQC) improve healthcare. Once again we were able to rely on our technology partner, psHEALTH, to deliver an excellent solution when we needed it. The new solution helps Remploy and our network partners deliver a better service.”

Lenka Sherry-Sole –  IS Business Manager, Remploy