Outcome Tracking & Analytics

Better data, better outcomes

How do you know that you and your team are doing the ‘right thing’?  Can you actually document outcomes?  Where can you find opportunities for pathway or process improvements?

Analytics is fast becoming the most important ingredient in supporting the transformation of healthcare.  Its’ success however is dependent on two things.  Firstly, there must be a clear focus at the service or pathway design stage, where we consider what it is you want to report on. Secondly, we must overcome a prominent challenge in healthcare; data sitting in different systems.

At psHEALTH we have been working on healthcare data for nearly a decade and we have become pretty good at helping our customers interpret clinical and non-clinical data.

Our solutions can help structure and automate data collection across multiple systems and present data in an exciting and clear way to all stakeholders.

Converting great reams of data into useful insights and a successful change management process is a journey.  At psHEALTH we take immense satisfaction in guiding you through this journey and ultimately helping you document success.

  What are the keOutcome Tracking and Analyticsy benefits of outcome tracking and analytics?
Real-time view of pathway
– Intuitive dashboards to engage all stakeholders
Measure and document outcomes


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“We wanted a partner that was very focussed on helping us deliver a better service to our clients”

Dr Gill MacLeod –  Chief Executive Officer, Roodlane Medical (a subsidiary of Hospital Corporation of America)