Why variation in referral support services persists

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We often speak of the significance that clinical variation can have on patient outcomes. For example, that one GP or Consultant may consistently make decisions at odds with their colleagues.

By contrast, variation in technology is talked about in more hushed tones. Which is surprising, as the existence (or absence) of technology can have a similar impact.

“There is huge variance in take-up [of technology], leading to … patients getting different outcomes.” (Matt Hancock, Health Secretary).

As software providers, we are acutely aware of the variation in how technology is adopted and managed by different organisations – even when they are trying to achieve the same outcome.

Often this is a by-product of trying to adapt ill-fitting solutions. To ensure the effective processing of referrals and robust data collection, one service may adopt a workaround or shortcut, another may take processes ‘offline’.

In some instances, workarounds are effective, albeit time-consuming and potentially costly. In others, they are ineffective and unwittingly produce negative patient outcomes.

Giving yourself the opportunity to recognise the impact of how you have adopted technology can be tricky. Often organisations are faced with increasing levels of demand, alongside a capped budget.

So, what do you do? Continue on your current course, and hope that the impact on patient outcomes is a positive one, or seek advice?

At psHEALTH we don’t believe in simply handing over a ‘one-size-fits all’ product and expect you to realise the benefits.

We offer a no commitment review of your existing service, to help identify any inefficiencies, and present a detailed proposal showing how to approach them.

In some instances, the approach may be organisational – why are staff constantly switching between roles, when instead they could perform with greater efficiency by being given a defined role or task?

Or it may be technological – why do you have 10 administrators transferring data between e-RS and SystmOne when the process can be automated with greater consistency and at a fraction of the cost?

It’s 2018 and the message is clear – leverage the right technology for your organisation and improve patient outcomes.

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