Would you purchase a solution that could be obsolete in a year’s time?

Purchasing a solution to solve your problems today makes perfect sense. As consumers, we do it every day – whether it’s paracetamol to cure a headache or filling the car with petrol to get to work.

But what if your chosen solution has a 3-year contract?  Will paracetamol cure all your ailments during that period? Perhaps, but it is unlikely.

So, why should procuring software solutions be any different? Should you be expected to forecast all your future product requirements on day one?

Perhaps today you have a workforce issue, such as it being difficult to recruit and retain admin staff to provide services to patients. Procuring a solution that reduces the number of admin staff you need makes perfect sense.

But what happens tomorrow or next year? New guidance from NHS England increases your reporting responsibilities. Do you go out and buy a new BI solution? A costly option. Do you speak to the supplier who reduced the number of administrators you needed? It’s possible but it doesn’t align with their other priorities, so again cost becomes an issue.

Many NHS organisations will be all too familiar with these challenges. Often it leads to cumbersome workarounds or re-purposed solutions to enable new functionality. Both of which are sub optimal.

At ART we do things differently. We know we can’t solve every customer issue for the next 3 years today. We can, however, ensure that our priorities align with our customers. We focus on a simple question:

How do we help our customers to safeguard patients, improve efficiency and reduce cost?

How we answer that question will differ from year to year. As it does for each of our customers. No matter what the change, our focus remains.

That means when a customer enables a new channel for self-referrals we’ll release an enhancement to support it. Or when a CCG requires more detailed analysis on referral processing time by specialty, we’ll introduce measures to track it.

Our dedicated development and BI teams deliver continuous improvements. Further, customers have a real say in product direction.

Challenges are always changing, so why work with a provider who stands still?

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