Read: Automating triage and SPA

No more email monitoring or copying and pasting of information

It’s 2017: robots are preparing and cooking delicious meals and commercial flights to the moon are just around the corner. Yet the automation of many important everyday tasks have been largely overlooked.

In trusts, community service hubs and, many other healthcare provider settings, staff continue to battle with managing referrals and other requests through a somewhat archaic combination of email inboxes and spreadsheets. Managing them is prone to error and makes reporting difficult.

Moreover, administering referrals this way leads to staff spending considerable time copying and pasting static information, updating spreadsheets, continuously flicking between systems and checking inboxes for new referrals or updates. All time that could otherwise be spent handling more complex requests or communicating directly with patients.

psHEALTH’s ART has been developed to address these everyday tasks and challenges by automatically extracting, structuring and validating referrals and other incoming requests. For an average referral, ART can reduce the processing time by 5-9 minutes.  This means if you receive 20,000 referrals a year, ART can save between 5-7 hours every working day.

Financially this equates to over £60k saved a year (assuming half the time saved is clinical and the other half admin).

In addition to delivering significant savings ART enables a more consistent service and better patient experience.

How does it work?

Extraction: ART connects directly to nhs.mail or other inboxes and ‘listens’ for new emails. Once identified information is automatically transferred into ART.

Structure: ART automatically populates relevant fields, simplifying the way users read and access information.

Validation: ART identifies key information including referral specialty and assigns the referral or request to an appropriate user or worklist. This streamlines the process for end-users and patients.

Rules: Consistent application of pathway rules, ensuring right patient, right place.

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