MCP vanguard selects psHEALTH

Connected Care Partnership (CCP), which includes Modality Partnership and Intelligent Commissioning Federation (ICOF), is a multispecialty community provider vanguard in Birmingham and Sandwell. CCP are developing new ways of working together that will help improve the overall health and wellbeing of local people.

Central to the new ways of working will be the introduction of a new Referral Facilitation Service, which aims to offer more alternatives to hospital care, specialised care closer to home and to help local people manage their health confidently.

To deliver a successful Referral Facilitation Service, CCP identified the need for a software solution that not only facilitates the process but also enhances it by integrating with key systems and automating manual steps.

Sapna Shannon, Director of Community Services at Modality, said: “Our focus is on improving the way health and care is delivered across the CCP population. We believe that by working with psHEALTH we will be able to achieve our goals in an efficient and innovative way”.

“We’re especially excited that psHEALTH’s Advanced Referral  Triage software will enable us to automate aspects of the Referral Facilitation Service, so releasing our staff to spend more time engaging with patients”


Modality Enki Medical Practice