Digital Transformation: The future of Case Management and Care Coordination Software

Digital Transformation: The future of Case Management and Care Coordination Software

What does ‘digital transformation’ mean for the delivery of healthcare and rehab services?  Achieving better outcomes for patients or service recipients and, reducing the costs of service delivery, are the Holy Grail.  In this blog we look at key trends and how Case Management and Care Coordination software is changing.

Everyone Online: You need a platform

If everyone is moving online, you need a platform to facilitate secure and flexible service delivery.  On your platform you should be able to manage network partners and engage with your patients or service recipients.

Network management:  Your solution should help you manage your network and commission services from physio or CBT to vocational rehabilitation anywhere in the country.  You should be able to monitor case status, get notifications when reports are complete and, rate your provider.

Portal for service recipients/ patients:  The scope for self-service and engagement is significant.  You should be able to deliver online booking, run skype consultations, deliver online questionnaires, provide relevant content (e.g. self-management advice and protocols) and, collect satisfaction feedback.

Outcomes: You get what you measure

Over the past decade, the importance of setting goals and measuring outcomes has become clear.  Your process (and software) needs to be configured to collect simple but relevant base-line data and track progress. We advise the use of internationally-recognised standards & PROMS such as GAD, PHQ, EQ5D, as well as interactive action plans between the Case Manager and Patient. Much of which can be managed via a patient portal.

Reporting is key.  You need to report back to the funder/commissioner to demonstrate efficacy.  The MI will also help you understand effectiveness of teams and individuals and help you define ‘what is good’.

Productivity:  Tools to drive profitability by 30%+

In addition to understanding case manager productivity, your solution should leverage productivity tools to avoid re-keying and wasted admin.  Most important is a solution that holds the process together end-to-end (so no need to dip into various systems and have excel back-up processes).  Second are simple things like online booking to drive utilisation or the ability to email to and from the system.

Our experience is that productivity gains of over 30% are achievable in the space of fewer than six months.

psHEALTH:  Solution tailored to your organisation

We tailor the solution to fit your processes.  For over 10 years, we have been designing solutions and working in cooperation with our customers whether they be delivering rehabilitation services, occupational health, mental health, services for the NHS, or for government services.

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