Free Webinar: Demand Management

Demand Management Round Table, with psHEALTH and Res Consortium. December 6 at 4:00pm, register for this free webinar here.

However you look at it, demand for the NHS is not going away. Hospitals are treating more patients than ever before. Waiting lists are pushing the boundaries of what can be reasonably accepted. And winter is coming.

Increased demand threatens to topple already fragile NHS finances. 47% of trusts and 23% of CCGs forecast end-of-year deficits.  For CCGs, this is twice as many as last year.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Throughout the NHS innovative work is taking place to tackle the challenges presented by increased demand, and technology is a key enabler.

Res Consortium and psHEALTH are two organisations who have successfully leveraged technology to assist the NHS, to ensure that patients get access to the care they require, when they need it.

In this webinar Dr Mark Davies, Director of Res Consortium and Ingolv Urnes, Co-founder and Director of psHEALTH, will discuss approaches to managing demand.

Register for this free webinar here.

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