Upgraded referral management software from psHEALTH

psHEALTH is excited to announce the release of our latest referral management software: ART or Advanced Referral & Triage.

ART can help you run a referral management centre or single-point of access, by enabling more effective pathway control, better data collection and ultimately better outcomes at a lower cost.

With ART we have consolidated years of experience, millions of referrals and feedback from customers (CCGs, ACOs & providers). The resulting solution is not only easy to implement and use, but also leverages Artificial Intelligence behind the scenes to drive automation and reduce admin costs.

Advanced Referral & Triage comprises four core components: integration, automation, workflow and real-time reporting.

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Integration is a continuous battle in the NHS. All too often end-users rely on multiple systems, which do not integrate well together, to fulfil their roles. We didn’t want to develop another system that contributes to this already complex environment. That is why we’ve developed ART with integration at the centre of our thinking. ART integrates with GP systems, e-RS, PASs and even email.

We often hear from existing referral management services that their staff are overburdened with repetitive manual tasks, which detract from clinical decision making and meaningful interaction with patients. With ART manual tasks such as copying patient information into a PDS lookup are eliminated. Instead staff can spend their time where they are most valuable.

Just as switching between systems can be debilitating, so too can poor workflow. Automation in ART is supported by smart rules. This means that once ART has processed a referral as far as it can it will escalate to an appropriate user, either an administrator or specific clinician, as determined by the rules. This ensures the most cost-effective use of staff time.

Data in the NHS is the key to many things, but all too often the data available is several months out of date or doesn’t tell the whole story. ART supports the collection of real-time referral data. This data enables commissioners to understand demand and variation in referral activity. In addition real-time data on GP referral behaviour – fed back to GPs through the use of a simple portal – supports education and continuous development.

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