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Manage appropriate referrals effectively, saving time & cost

Acute trusts and other providers face significant financial and operational challenges. Patient demand is growing, and  providers are at the receiving end of a complex secondary care referral process.  Many trusts currently operate at full capacity, and are faced with demanding RTT targets and increasingly expectant patients. Satisfying national targets and, improving patient experience, are intrinsically linked to the effective management of incoming referrals. So how do you achieve this?

If you are responsible for processing incoming referrals, or performing triage for your trust or provider you will recognise these challenges:

  • High volume of referrals from many sources (email, fax and e-RS)
  • Inconsistent quality, multiple attachments
  • Inappropriate referrals frequently received requiring signposting, taking up significant time and resource

We understand these challenges, and that is why we’ve spent time developing our software to include:

  • Automatic email extraction, including any attachments
  • Automated validation of referrals, ensuring key patient demographics are included and checking for PoLCE or other local commissioning policy
  • Semi-automatic processing based on your services and prevailing capacity
  • Ease of returning referral to GP or to request further information


  • 40 to 70 % reduction of manual work in your hub delivering a better service and cost savings
  • Improved utilisation of services by accepting only appropriate referrals
  • Real-time dashboards to understand and manage demand, assisting with RTT targets
  • Improved referrer and patient experience by providing effective communication to referrers and patients regarding availability, waiting times, potential exclusions or IFR requirements


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“Technology is critical for effective home care delivery. With psMOBILE we have much better control over visit compliance and time reporting processes. Furthermore, we are now well placed to capture and evidence service outcomes that our customers are demaning. Real-time access to rota and the care plans also helps staff be more effective in their jobs.”

Ian Willis –  Director of Business Transformation, MiHomecare