Mental Health

Less time on referral admin, more time with patients

Mental Health providers are unique in many ways. They receive a large volume of referrals, from a variety of sources, including GPs, social services, the police, and partner agencies. The variety of referral sources makes it incredibly difficult to standardise the referral process. The result is an increased administrative workload, often handled by clinicians, that limits time spent with patients.

If you are running an Assessment Team, a Triage Team or a Referral Hub for Mental Health you may recognise these as some of your challenges:

  • High volume of email referrals from many sources
  • Inconsistent quality, multiple attachments
  • Re-keying, time-consuming reporting
  • Potential for misplaced referrals; patient safety concerns
  • Backlog of referrals due to staff shortages

We understand these challenges, and that is why we’ve spent time developing our software to include:

  • Automatic email extraction
  • Attachment conversion to machine readable text
  • Semi-automatic processing based on your pathway rules

The outcome?

  • 40 to 70% reduction in manual work
  • More time to work with patients
  • Improved patient safety
  • Real-time dashboards and in-depth analytics

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Dr Gill MacLeod –  Chief Executive Officer, Roodlane Medical (a subsidiary of Hospital Corporation of America)