Community Services

Intelligent software supporting your single-point of access or referral hub

Most people agree that more healthcare should be delivered in the community.  At the same time demand is increasing rapidly and the health and social care system is under extreme pressure.  So, if you are running a community service, you are likely to be on the receiving end of a wave of incoming referrals from a number of sources.  Referrals are often incomplete or inappropriate, and managing them often detracts from time spent with patients.

Typical challenges include:

  • Large volume of referrals received via email or fax, often with several attachments
  • Referrals sent direct to individual sites or teams making it difficult to keep an overview of demand vs capacity
  • Often underdeveloped IT infrastructure

We understand these challenges, and that is why we’ve spent time developing our software to include:

  • Automatic email extraction
  • Semi-automatic processing based on your pathway rules
  • Intelligent workflow, enabling full visibility of patients

The outcome:

  • 40 to 70% reduction in manual work saving valuable staff time
  • Ensuring that appropriate referrals go to the right service – reducing cost and improving patient satisfaction/safety
  • Real-time dashboards and in-depth analytics, useful for demonstrating effectiveness of pathways

Advanced Referral & Triage

“Reablement is a significant component of our savings programme. We wanted to evidence its value both in terms of outcomes and cost effectiveness. eABLE has allowed us to do exactly this.”

Paul Davies –  Executive Director, Walsall Council