Improving referral quality, reducing cost

How do you manage the seemingly unstoppable growth in secondary care referrals to hospitals?  How do you ensure take-up of new community services? How do you deliver a better patient experience for less?  How do you avoid referrals deemed to be of limited clinical value?  How do you understand referral behaviour by GPs (and Consultants) in real-time as opposed to relying on out-of-date SUS or PAS data?

psHEALTH’s Referral Management software streamlines and lowers the cost of referral management by automating manual processes.  It automatically captures referrals from a range of sources and helps manage the patient referral along a prescribed pathway based on locally determined rules.

With our Referral Management software, commissioners (or providers they select) can better manage and monitor referrals without relying on behavioural change by GPs and other referrers, ensuring the delivery of immediate, in year savings.  It empowers commissioning through real-time metrics and reports, ensuring improvement and refinement of care pathways and local commissioning advice based on evidence.

What are the benefits?

    • In-year benefit of reduced outpatient appointments
    • Reduce variation
    • Ensure take-up of community pathways 
    • Real-time data on referral behaviour
    • Ability to customise local Directory of Service

Advanced Referral & Triage

““We enable people to receive the right care at the right time. As an innovator in the NHS our aim is to deliver higher quality and better outcomes at lower cost. By working with psHEALTH we have automated a number of steps within the referral management process.””

Zoe Nicholson –  CEO, Brighton & Hove Integrated Care Service