Accountable Care Organisations & Prime Contractors

Taking a patient-centric view

How do you better coordinate patient care to reduce hospital admissions and ensure compliance with your specified local pathways?  How do you collect outcome and SLA data to drive service improvements and document success to patients and stakeholders such as CCGs and GPs?

NHS England has outlined ambitions for Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships to evolve into accountable care systems, and eventually Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs). As this model develops having an IT solution capable of coordinating care the way you want to deliver and measure it is essential. Key is the ability to configure the pathway and to talk to other systems so that you have full visibility over where your patient is on that pathway.

What are the key benefits?

  • Track outcomes and obtain world-class analytics across multiple systems
  • ‘Know your patient’ leading to better, safer patient care and a better patient experience
  • Improve productivity of care teams by 20% to 40%: lower staff cost or manage more patients with same staff level
  • Better document and improve clinical outcomes
  • Reduce training needs as the system provides the pathway rules and decision support

Advanced Referral & Triage

Care Coordination

“They really ‘get’ what we do, that is why we have teamed up with psHEALTH. It is about delivering safer and better care. Mobile-enabling staff is critical to our UK-wide strategy.”

Jackie Lindsay –  Managing Director, ICS Community Services