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Recovery of Care Services

We are continuing our work in planned/elective care referrals to ensure that patients around the UK can still receive the care they need.
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Recovery of Care
‘Backlog Management’

For providers planning for the recovery of care services there are clear challenges around:

    • Managing changes in demand
    • Reduced capacity and staff availability
    • The need to support new ways of working

Can the patient self-manage or be treated in primary care? How can we treat patients remotely and make the best use of digital tools? How do we triage, prioritise and best use capacity?  How to we free staff to focus on critical care services?  Do we have the data to make better decisions?

Our digital platform integrates with existing systems
and provides AI-supported processes to automate pathways
of care and connect patients with the right service

ART Can Help You Prioritise & Enables:

Automated referral

Free up staff and reduce backlog

Optimised Clinical

Save clinical time and direct patients to the most appropriate services

Real-time insights
into care pathways

Better data, better decisions

A digital patient

Patient well prepared and informed