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MSK Triage Service
- Client Case Study

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“ART has transformed the service in terms of efficiency and quality. We are supporting more patients, quicker.”

ART brings a streamlined referral process and rich insights to MSK triage service
psHEALTH’s automation platform, ART, is deployed with an MSK triage service to ensure that patients were seen in the right place for their treatment.

A heavily manual process and lack of system integration impacted effectiveness
A substantial amount of manual work and high referral volumes meant a significant administrative burden for the service. In addition, the manual process created a challenge for the service around the capture of rich and reliable data for external reporting and internal service improvements.

ART supports automation and actionable insights to drive process improvement
ART was implemented to automate administrative processes and bring comprehensive, real-time reporting to the service. This drove efficiencies; increasing referral throughput and driving standardisation in policy and process. In addition, actionable insights allowed clinicians to review the quality and consistency of triage, supporting ongoing improvements.

ART Impact

  • Immediate staff-releasing benefit from increased automation; 3 staff members redeployed within 2 weeks
  • Faster processing of referrals with 90% of referrals booked within 24hrs and backlog cleared
  • 90% reduction in administrative time spent on referrals from 16.5hrs to 1.7hrs per day
  • Improved Triage: safer and more aligned to governance requirements. Clinicians only seeing the specialities they need to see, accurate reports to monitor quality and improvement
  • Automated data capture and reports; more accurate, richer data, easy reporting and analysis
  • Value add insights; referral quality reports, easier to expand specialisms without compromising clinical governance
  • 17% reduction in time spent by clinicians on triage