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Dermatology Specialist Services
- Client Case Study

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“ART has transformed our inbound process allowing us to free up staff and improve quality”

Dermatology service streamlines inbound referral process with ART
psHEALTH’s automation platform, ART, is deployed across multiple CCGs for Dermatology Services

Delivering a quality service at scale
ART was brought on to support the transformation of patient pathways across a number of Dermatology services. The services span multiple complex CCG contracts with evolving requirements.

Automating patient pathways to free-up staff and improve speed and quality
The aims of the project with ART were to free up time for clinical and administrative staff, improve the speed and accuracy of referral processing and drive quality through standardisation and data capture/insights.

ART Implementation Led to

  • Staff freed up: 46% reduction in time spent on clinical triage and 93% of reduction in administrative processing time
  • Improved Triage: management team able to monitor triage performance and activity to drive efficiency and quality
  • Standardised and streamlined process with process and policy changes seamlessly implemented (more automation/ less training) and improved consistency of referral pathways
  • Value add insights; referral quality reports, easier to expand specialisms without compromising clinical governance