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CCG Referral Service
- Client Case Study

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“The efficiency and the data are the most powerful things”

ART brings quality improvements to CCG Referral Service
The Referral Management Service (RMS) was created by the CCG to help ensure patients are seen in the right place first time.

The Challenge: to deliver quality, efficiently across numerous pathways and requirements

The service is complex with over 60,000 referrals processed annually across 30 specialities; each with multiple triage requirements and booking pathways – the service required a solution that could automate and streamline the referral process as well as support clinical triage effectiveness and care navigation.

ART’s solution was chosen as it could free up staff through automation, ensure pathway and triage consistency with its rules engine and improve agility of the service through its swift service. In addition, ART could improve the quality and effectiveness of clinical triage through its data mining capabilities with ART Reporting.

ART Impact: automating care navigation and support clinical effectiveness

  • ART automated over 200 booking pathways with a dynamic rule set that could be adjusted based on changing CCG requirements. This meant that pathways were executed consistently and changes could be made quickly with no staff training required.
  • ART insights on triage activity and decision making (including a clear understanding of pathway ‘re-direction’ at triage) supported the service to drive quality and consistency in clinical triage. ART also allowed the service to partner with the local hospital to bring additional specialist clinical triage into the RMC in order to identify alternative care settings in the community.
  • Referral data and reports automatically gathered and generated to provide enhanced actionable insights. This freed up 27 hours on data cleansing on standard monthly reports alone and allowed the service improved oversight and management of the service; driving quality and efficiency.
  • 1,700 hours saved in the first 3 months. The service was able to redeploy 2 FTEs to focus on other areas.