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NHS Case Studies

CCG Referral Service

ART brings quality improvements to CCG Referral Service

  • Data to drive referral quality and new pathways
  • Quicker pathway adjustments; better use of system resources
  • Lower cost of managing referrals across 200 pathways

MSK Community Service

ART automation allows Community Service to free up staff for a leaner service and better patient experience

  • 3 staff re-deployed day one
  • Improved patient experience through increased call response
  • Backlog cleared in 2 weeks

MSK Triage Service

ART brings a streamlined referral process and rich insights to MSK triage service

  • Faster processing of referrals (90% referrals booked within 24 hours) & backlog cleared
  • Improved Clinical Triage & 17% reduction in clinician time
  • Reduced cost of service through staff release

Dermatology Specialist Services

Dermatology services transform inbound referral process with ART

  • 93% reduction in manual work
  • Standardised and streamlined process
  • Referral Quality well documented and understood