Our Values

We base ourselves on a simple philosophy: the success of our customers and the success of our people are what matters most to us.

Client Centricity  Our clients are at the centre of our thinking, we like to put ourselves in their shoes to ensure we propose and deliver the right products and services to meet their needs.

Teaming   We’re like a family – we go above and beyond for each other. We collaborate and make use of each other’s strengths to deliver a great service to our clients.

Fun!  We have a diverse and creative team working in an exciting and challenging environment. We like to celebrate success and achievement, generally with the use of brownies and cheesecake!

Quality  We believe in doing things right the first time and take pride in our work. We’re continually in search of excellence, we measure how we perform and always look to improve.

Long Term Focus  We believe in long term success over short terms gains. Long term focus guides our engagement with clients and drives our investment in people and products.

Innovation  We’re an inquisitive bunch of people, we use our deep industry and technology knowledge to design solutions that work in real life.

Growth & Development  We believe that our people have great potential and we focus on developing fantastic talent. Our people have their own career aspirations which we support through role opportunities, training and mentoring.

Integrity & Respect  We believe that operating with integrity and respecting each other is uncompromising. Establishing an open and trusting relationship internally and with our clients is fundamental to how we operate.

“At Circle we strive to continuously improve the quality of the care and improve patient outcomes. There are many providers of mobile and tablet solutions, but we wanted an IT partner that could not only provide flexible and secure technology, but that share our vision of improving service delivery and collecting robust outcome measures. That is why we selected psHEALTH.”

Andrew Davies and James Harrison –  Head of IT and Program Manager, Circle