With our innovative technology we enable a healthcare organisations to deliver proper joined up care effectively and in a consistent way

We began our journey building software that enables the delivery of better health outcomes at lower cost more than 10 years ago.

To date we have automated more than 1 million referrals via eRS and have powerful integration capabilities across the healthcare ecosystem.

We want to be a different type of software provider. We don’t just ‘hand over’ a piece of software, we invest into an ongoing partnership of learning and improvement. We work closely with our customers to configure and implement the initial solution and we continue to work together to optimise the solution based on real-life learning and robust data. Our customers succeed when they can deliver better outcomes at lower cost, take on new contracts and deliver new, innovative models of care.

“Your approach is very much in line with our thinking on how to measure performance - focus on things patients care about, which are usually functional outcomes”

Dr Caleb Stowell –  Research Associate, Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness Harvard Business School