Our Referral Management and Care Coordination software solutions enable the delivery of better health outcomes at lower cost. We are healthcare specialists and work across the NHS and the independent sector.

A perfect storm of a rapidly aging population, exciting but expensive new treatments and tight budgets means that we need to find ways of delivering more and better care for less money.

We believe the future of effective, patient centric care is active pathway management, system interoperability and intelligent automation support for clinical and administrative staff.

We base ourselves on a simple philosophy: the success of our customers and the success of our people are what matters most to us.

For our customers we want to be a different type of software provider. We don’t just ‘hand over’ a piece of software, we invest into an ongoing partnership of learning and improvement. We work closely with our customers to configure and implement the initial solution; then after ‘go-live’ we work together to optimise the solution based on real-life learning and robust data. Our customers succeed when they can deliver better outcomes at lower cost, take on new contracts and deliver new, innovative models of care.

For our people we strive to provide a working environment that is exciting, challenging and rewarding all at once. We combine teamwork with an obsession for learning and development.

“This is a stunning achievement on a task which had the level of intellectual, technical and logistic challenge that would send lesser organisations scurrying for cover.”

Dr Peter Devlin –  Clinical Director, BICS (NHS Brighton Integrated Care Services)